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The FIN System is operational in every single state and gives you many additional features and benefits. FIN will instantly notify you via cell phone or via any other Internet connection giving you a tamper alert and will provide the exact location of your ride should it be stolen. The FIN Tracking Center gives you the option and ability to work directly with the Police assuring immediate action.

Each FIN unit has a state of the art GPS receiver installed which receives satellite signals and calculates where your ride is located with great accuracy. FIN then takes this information and transmits it over a specially designed data cellular connection from your ride to where the information is decoded, translated, and presented to you both in historical reports and on digital aerial maps all in a matter of seconds.

GPS is a Global Positioning System ( GPS ), which consist of 27 Earth Orbiting Satellites ( 24 that are operational and 3 for back up in case any fail). GPS was originally designed and used by the Military but now allows others to use its satellite signals. You can check and verify the location of your ride at any time, 24/7 via Smart Phone app, or any device with a web browser and Internet connection.

Product Features


The FIN GPS Security System is designed exclusively for small vehicles, motorcycles and powersports - by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Our units are manufactured in the USA and our company is owned and operated by veterans. The features listed below make FIN® the preeminent small vehicle, motorcycle and powersports security solution on the market today.


If the golf cart is moved the owner will receive a text message and/or email alert. Settings allowing the owner to position multiple perimeter notifications, if the boundary is entered or exited the owner will receive notification. In addition, Fin Virtual Odometer will accumulate mileage and/or the run time of the vehicle and through our proprietary software will then send scheduled service notifications to the owner, advising them to return to their dealer for service.


In the event of a theft the owner and/or the FIN® tracking center can immediately track and locate the cart. Locate the FIN equipped vehicle from any computer, smartphone or tablet that connects to the internet. Once daily, FIN® will report its location if there has been no other activity.


After locating the cart the owner and/or the FIN® tracking center can interface with the police to quickly recover the vehicle.


“I am a police officer and I knew the limitations of LoJack. When my bike was finished, over $45K later much work by Jesse James, I had only one security device in mind – FIN Security! Thanks for the great service and even better product, feel free to have anyone call me. FIN is the best $799 I have ever spent.”

Tom A., Virginia

“FIN is Doing It RIGHT! I am writing to say thanks. I lost 2 jet skis last year with LoJack hooked up (the 45 minute delay for official po-po report was killer). I signed up for FIN earlier this month when I finally replaced them. Today I received a proactive call from customer service agent Charity who was amazingly helpful on setting up all my online tracking, mobile apps, etc. I never heard from LoJack either before or after my $25K worth of Jet Skis were stolen. Good job FIN!! No need to contact me…just passing along accolades…Thanks.”

Jeff, Florida

I love my FIN; I am in the security business in Mississippi and can tell you I will never have another bike without FIN Security, the peace of mind is well worth the cost. Your Customer Service goes above and beyond in all aspects of service. Thank you,”

William A., Mississippi